Monday, February 27, 2012

Discharge and Design Wall

I've been playing around with discharging fabric with bleach and deColourant.  Above are three pieces I pleated with my smocking pleater, then I dipped the top two in bleach and used deColourant on the third.  I really like that the third piece discharged to white.  

These next two are from a failed attempt at "snow-discharging."  I thought they looked pretty blah, so I mixed up some flour and water, spread it over, let it dry, then sprayed them with bleach.  Much better.

And this is my design wall.  That's Poseidon with his trident.  I ran out of MistyFuse and my LQS doesn't carry it anymore, so I had to stop for now.  Hopefully, I can work on this some more next weekend.  I'm having a little trouble deciding on the fabric to use for his seahorses anyway.

To check out other design walls, go to Judy's blog.  

Friday, February 24, 2012

Finally in February

Finally, we got a real snow storm.  The kind where the snow is wet and heavy and sticks to the branches.

The kind of snow that packs and makes really good snowballs.

And finally, I'm putting up a post.  I made this jacket for my daughter for her birthday.  Oh yeah, I planned it to match her boots.  

And there's a wee bit of action on my cutting table....