Monday, August 18, 2014

Time for a New Palette

 I've been using these colors and fabrics for a couple of years now.  I still don't have enough blocks for the quilt I was picturing in my mind, but I was very dissatisfied with this last block.

Mine is the one in the middle row, one over from the right.

It's a nice block.  But it doesn't make me go, "yeah!"

So I put all the blocks from this group up on my little wall and took this photo.  They're nice.  But they don't make me go, "Wow!" anymore.  I think I'm just tired of the fabrics.  I do love them, but I need something new.  So I folded them up and put them and all the corresponding fabrics on a shelf and got out some new stuff.

Stricker's Pond, Madison, Wisconsin
Early July, 2014

My daughter took this pic of me in front of the sunset over Stricker's Pond a couple of nights ago.

I thought it was a good way to say goodbye for a while to those fabrics that I love.  I'll go back to them sometime, but I need to give them a rest.

Next post:  some new colors!