Friday, March 27, 2015

At the Pond

I started this rather traditional quilt last fall when I met with the Very Friendly Ladies in Monroe for our fall meeting.

It's adapted from this pattern.  When I saw the pattern, I thought "pond" and changed the colors accordingly.  Now that the top is finished, I have to decide what to top the top with.

At first, I thought a great blue heron would be a good idea.  But the colors would probably blend with the background.  So then I thought of a white egret.  They're a type of heron and the white feathers would really pop against my pieced pond.

So I started going through my egret pics from last fall and discovered approximately two thousand shots - give or take a hundred.

I'm playing with these two: 

I'm also partial to the fellow in the previous post here.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

A Row with a Windy Sky

I quilted the sky and now this is officially finished. I chose to do a windy sky because the buildings looked so calm and staid.  I thought it would be a nice contrast.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

October in Wisconsin - Really!

Last fall, I wrote a bunch of posts, even included some photography, and got so busy with my life that I neglected to publish them.  After I did all that work!  So now that we are at the tail end of winter (I hope), I will parcel them out and my poor blog won't be so neglected.

Yep, this has been sitting around since October..

I love this egret all fluffed up.

I was lucky enough to see this bald eagle flying over.  And even luckier to catch a picture!   I was so excited to actually see it, I can't believe that I remembered to focus and shoot!

Look closely to see the fish this egret has caught.  He must have caught and eaten a dozen or so in the ten minutes I watched. 

Taking off.  

This mallard was hiding under a branch at the water's edge.

I'm pretty sure these are American Coots.  There was a whole flock of them making cooing noises -- not the regular duck quacks.  Of course, they left when Rosie and I showed up. 

These beautiful trees are so typical this time of year.

Hard to believe that we are almost through the winter.  When I walked past the small ponds near my home last weekend, I noticed that the snow on top of the ice had melted.  Soon we'll have open water and then the migratory birds will be back!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Spring is Coming in...

"Two Shakes"
36" by 36"

It was sunny today,so I posed my lambs on a snow bank.

And a couple of detail shots.

I think I need to add a bit of ink or paint to the flower stems.  I quilted them in, but I think they would benefit from a little bit more color.  Or maybe not.  *smile*

Now that it's all finished, I think the legs on the left lamb look a bit awkward in the photo.  But then spring lambs are new at standing, aren't they?  

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