Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Catching Up With Stuff - Quilts, Hand-Dyes, and Cattle

Last week, I went to the only Waunakee in the world for the St. John's Piecemakers quilt show.  I have been going for years because I know a bunch of the ladies in the group, but this year I had a quilt in the show.  They were kind enough to invite us non-members to exhibit our "Pieceful Nights" quilts and they hung mine right in front!  I forgot to take a picture because I saw my friend Chris of Dye Candy in her booth and forgot all about my old quilt!
Here is a picture of Chris in her booth.  She had the most wonderful earrings for sale, so I spent my fabric money on them instead. They are on display on the table at the lower right hand side of the photo.  She has great hand-dyes -- you can purchase them here.

There were a lot of nice quilts (besides mine).  This has always been a nice little show -- but it seemed even better than usual this year -- no, not just because my quilt was in it...

And long time readers may remember my attempts to photograph these long-horned cattle.  Well, this past spring, I found out something about them -- they're cows!  Yep, they had babies.  And they left even more quickly when I came out with my camera.
But on Friday, they were much friendlier.
This one was hanging out near the fence and kindly allowed me to photograph her.
In fact, she came even closer when I switched my attentions to her herd-mate.  Yikes!  Those horns look sharp!  I hope the fence is strong...

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Jan said...

Your friend Chris looks very friendly and what a beautifully laid out booth. That calf I thought was a lamb at first, I guess because of its coloring. Sharp horns indeed!