Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blizzard 2010!

I had a couple of requests for my snow pictures.
We have been under a blizzard warning for the past 24 hours.

We received only eight or ten inches of snow, but it was preceded by a lot of rain, so the snow really stuck to the branches and is weighing them down.
The stupid fake fruit tree is really beautiful with all that snow.
The only sport is clearing the driveway.
Rosie loves this weather.
After the sky clears, it's beautiful.  But really cold.  Brrrrrr...


Sara said...

So pretty! Glad I'm seeing it in a picture and not in person, though.

Jan said...

Rosie is beautiful. It is wet and warm here, 53 degrees and we are on flood watch. Hope you are keeping nice and warm.

Beth said...

We have grey skies... and huge Thunderstorms and cold temps.... (62 F)... but I'll say again, we're not missing the winter in the Nothern Hemisphere!