Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 2012 BOM Pics

First up:  a finish!  But not by me.  This beauty is by Lori Maglio.  She kindly allowed me to photograph it and post it here.  I really like the unusual colors she chose -- I think that some of those are Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  

 And these are the blocks for May -- mine are the two in the bottom right.  This is Kasuri niju kaku -- Kasuri double square.

These are Yottsu masu or Four Square Measures.  My two are the second from the left in each horizontal row.

And I've started another cherry blossom appliqué for a bag for my daughter.  Ssshhhhh...

Lori is part of the group I meet with once a month at Mill House Quilts.  We're doing the blocks in Susan Briscoe's book: Japanese Taupe Quilts.  You can purchase it from my friend Cathy at Quilting Books Unlimited.  Her toll free number is: (877) 315-7130 and she regularly offers "friends of karen" discounts -- which apply to anyone reading my blog.  Just ask -- Cathy is very accommodating!


Lynne said...

Some lovely blocks there.

Beth said...

I like the Yottsu masu blocks best!!! Not sure why, though- maybe because of the intense simplicity.