Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hot Coffee Idea

I hate waste.  I hate using throwaway containers.  So these plastic portable coffee cups seemed like a fine idea.  But they get hot.  So I need a paper insulator.  Which gets (yep) thrown away.  DH is the worst offender (he drinks the most coffee).  So I made him one he could reuse. 

Using the paper insulator as a guide, I cut out fabric and Insul-Brite.

I left a quarter inch around the edges for shrinkage from quilting.  Fabric was right side out and Insul-Brite in the middle.  Just enough quilting to hold it together.  Then I trimmed off the excess. 

 Binding was two and a quarter inches folded in half, stitched around the edge and turned, then hand stitched down.  Although I suppose it could all be done by machine.  

I used iron-on velcro strips.  But I don't trust their glue, so I stitched around them with my machine.

And the finished project.  And, yes, I did throw away the paper one I used as a guide.  *sigh*

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Beth said...

NICE gift! Me -I just drink my coffee at home!