Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Green Herons

Because I am lucky enough to live in an area that values its wetlands, I can walk to a number of ponds that are teeming with wildlife.  

I recently upgraded my camera situation and thought I would share some of my photos here.  I'm going to try for once a week and no more than five or six pics; which should keep them from becoming boring.  

Generally, I am taken with the large birds, sandhill cranes, great blue herons, egrets, etc.  And I love the colorful ones too.  But I've been lucky enough to capture a bunch of photos of these little green herons.

Almost every night during the summer, I can see them fishing from the lily pads.  They use twigs and other matter to lure the fish.  

This guy was hanging out on the water grate.  I assume he was fishing, but I watched him for a while and all he did was hop around from pole to pole.  

 This is an immature green heron fishing by the side of the new retaining pond.   I did have to crop this photo to get the image large enough to see.

And here is a green heron keeping sentry on a log out in the pond with a set of turtles.  That big old snapper is a bit scary.

Yes, this last one puts me right at  my self-imposed allotment, but I love the way the light hits the heron.

For a better view, click on the photos.  


Beth said...

Great birds and info... I'm not sure which is more fun.... finding something new or learning about the 'new' thing... in the wild. You are lucky with the wetlands and birdies!

Trish Frankland said...

We're across the cornfield from marsh, and now we have a hayfield in the backyard. So this summer we've had a pair of sandhill cranes who visit the backyard hay almost nightly - we've named them Jugger and Ollie after Dan's grandparents. :) They're so prehistoric looking when you can watch them for a while up close!