Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Photos

 I haven't seen any egrets at the pond since last May.  I noticed this one hanging around last weekend, but couldn't get close enough for a photo that showed more than a white blob along the shore line.  Patience paid off and Rosie and I saw him in the little bay next to the park yesterday.

Fish for breakfast is good.

These little flowers grow along side of the boardwalk through the pond.

Lots of ducks hatched this year and they're still hanging around.  These are mostly immature mallards.

And this lovely Great Blue heron snuck away when I looked down to take a picture of a flower.  I looked up and he was gone.  

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B Hunter said...

(had a comment all written on the tablet last night, and poof-gone!)
Isn't mother nature a wonderful subject? She never has a bad side or complains about the lighting!!! Love the egret eating the fish.