Friday, March 27, 2015

At the Pond

I started this rather traditional quilt last fall when I met with the Very Friendly Ladies in Monroe for our fall meeting.

It's adapted from this pattern.  When I saw the pattern, I thought "pond" and changed the colors accordingly.  Now that the top is finished, I have to decide what to top the top with.

At first, I thought a great blue heron would be a good idea.  But the colors would probably blend with the background.  So then I thought of a white egret.  They're a type of heron and the white feathers would really pop against my pieced pond.

So I started going through my egret pics from last fall and discovered approximately two thousand shots - give or take a hundred.

I'm playing with these two: 

I'm also partial to the fellow in the previous post here.

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Teresa Duryea Wong said...

Second bird has more motion. Not sure if he'll stand out enough on that quilt top though. You'll have to play around with it... white is definitely best bet as you say. Good luck.

Judy Warner said...

I will be curious too to see how the egret will show up on the background - love the colors you chose.

Robbie said...

Great idea! Love the colors you chose! "Pond" is perfect title for it!

Terry Aske Art Quilts said...

I love the elegant shapes of these birds! My favorite is the fluffy egret in your other post.