Monday, October 18, 2010

Mag 36

In or Out

"Aw geez," he said.
And there went the marriage,
right out the window.

The door slammed shut
and the window looked out
over a ten story drop
(trees notwithstanding).
Standing there without 
nets in branches
No parachute, no gold,
no sweat.  Only surprise.

Golden light pours in 
through the window,
beckoning... a lure
like a sunrise.
She closed it
and moved on.

kls - 2010

This poem was written in response to the above picture which is courtesy of Magpie Tales.  Write your own and link here to share.

This was a strange write for me -- NO! it's not autobiographical -- my marriage is not in trouble.  Although I know that all writing is autobiographical to some degree because it is part of the person who wrote it.   And lest anyone think I do protest too much; well, there is no relationship without its trials.  I firmly believe that writers should not explicate their own work; but my father, my husband, and (occasionally) my kids read this blog.  And I hate for them to worry.  Much.

I just finished reading Mennonite in a Little Black Dress by Rhoda Janzen.  I highly recommend it.  A very funny read -- I laughed out loud.  Really.  And I learned stuff.  The reason I mention this is that if you've read it, you might be thinking that I'm worried about Bob.  Nope.


Tumblewords: said...

Clever crafting! A terrific read...

Prayer Girl said...

Perfect Magpie for me at this moment in my life.....trying to recover from the shock of experiencing "marriage suicide by insanity" so that the door can be closed and moving on can occur.



willow said...

Great write. The second stanza is especially nice. Glad it's only fiction!

Anonymous said...

a very nice write, in fact, quite excellent, I thought (subject not withstanding) - I find I'm always wanting to explicate as well, but am getting better at resisting... :)

Rene/ Not The Rockefellers said...

Wonderful. I am glad she saw the light after the shock of it all.

joanny said...

Nice write --- thanks for the explanation,,,,
I write from my imagination as well. Artistic and poetic license.


Lena said...

ha is our 21st wedding anniversary and I ADORED this poem! Got the book marked as well!

Karen M said...

This was very powerful. You have great empathy, I think.