Thursday, February 10, 2011

Latest Snow-Dyes

I was really taken by the recent snow-dyes by my friend, Judi, at Judi's Crazy World.  She has been dyeing gorgeous mandalas with her snow.  Since we have enough snow to last until Labor Day, I figured I should try it.

I like this one the best.  I used warm colored dyes (lemon, fuchsia, brown, etc.) but this beautiful lavender color showed up for the party.

I don't really like this one.  The colors are flat and the patterning is not interesting.  I am moving this to the ready-to-use-for-more-resist-experiments pile.

I like this one -- the colors are much prettier in person -- I used lemon and a couple of different blues.  

This one and the next one are really intriguing.  I used the same colors as the first one, but the yellows really came out and did some neat patterns.  Again, the blueish/lavenderish colors are really striking.  They must be in the brown dye.

Like the one above --really neat patterns with the yellow and blueish colors.

These are all one yard pieces.

And I have been working on my 3Creative Color Palette Challenge.  I love these colors.  And I had all of them in my stash (quelle suprise!).  I hope to have it finished in the next day or two.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

So how the heck do you snow dye????
This has me totally there a book, on-line instructions?
Really interesting color/patterns.


Beth said...

The mandalas are so cool. If my mom were still around... I would have to have one done in purples just for her... he favorite color was purple.

Jan said...

Glad you are finding a way to appreciate your snow, sort of if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Your results look good, always interesting to see what you come up with. I'm going to make a date with myself to do some dyeing, I don't have snow but I have everything else I need. thanks for the inspiration. I look forward to seeing your color challenge piece when you are able to show it.

Karen S said...

Good question, Anne. Judi Yakib did an article on it in an issue of Quilting Arts last winter. I have posted a couple of times about how-to here:
and one that is not so serious here:
Basically you just take soda-soaked fabric and crumple it into a container, pile on snow, then squirt on the dye. Let it batch overnight and voila!

Judi said...

Great pieces Karen. I really like the way the lavendar came out what color brown did you use??

Chris said...

I had similar results with hot pink and dark brown. I ended up overdyeing the whole piece with a light brown. the resulting fabric was warm and rich. I'll e-mail you a couple links