Sunday, March 6, 2011

Journal Palette Quilt and a Postcard

"Columbine" 10" by 5½"

This is my finished Color Palette Challenge.
 And a detail shot.  I used hand-dyed fabrics and some hand-dyed threads.   The picture is from my garden last summer.  I played around with it in PhotoShop until it had the right colors for the challenge.

My personal challenge was to use some rayon threads I bought a while ago at an estate sale.  They're a little tricky to work with.  They tend to tangle and knot; so I found it best to wet them to make them behave as I stitched with them (please don't ask what I used -- but it wouldn't have worked if I had been eating chocolate while I stitched).
"True Blue"
And I made this little bit into a postcard for my cousin who is a dachshund aficionado.


Talin's Corner said...

Both of your projects turned out great. I especially love the post card for your cousin. The paw prints really add to it.

Barb said...

Love them both!!