Monday, June 20, 2011

More BOM Progress

This is my design wall for today -- I finished the compass and got everything cut out for the "Hands All Around" block.

For a peek at other design walls, click here to go to Judy's blog.

I know that I'm way behind on answering emails, so anyone who is owed -- I will get to you.  Just not right now.

I have stuff to say about this, but no time.  Hopefully, I will find time today or tomorrow, but if I don't, I'll write about it next week because....
 Of this! I'm leaving town on Wednesday and not sure if I'll have computer access so I will just have to leave it a mystery  (cue: Twilight Zone music here....)!


Beth said...

The hand dyes.... yum.

The BOM... sweet.

You are going to have to explain the other!!! Enjoy Omaha!
PS.... I won't be there!

Sara said...

hhhmmm....tried to leave a comment but it went somewhere in cyber space. If it shows up here, apologies for the repeating messages.

I know what the middle picture's your newly designed Quilter's Rorschach test! What we see in the designs tells all about our quilty personalities.

I'm right, aren't I? ;)

Agree with Beth on everything. Wish my hand dyes were that vibrant

Have fun on your trip!

Lynne said...

That hand-dyed fabric looks great.

Robbie said...

Have a good trip and we'll just sit and wonder!

Alycia said...

Your BOM blocks are stunning!