Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spring's Coming Up All Over!

 I've been waiting seven years for these to bloom.  I liberated them from my previous house when we moved.  Every year they come up and withstand the onslaught of basketballs, soccer balls, and bouncy balls.  And every year, beautiful green spiky leaves, but no flowers.

I fertilized, watered, and sang (really!) to them, but no flowers.

Imagine my delight to see buds shooting up through the leaves this spring.

It has taken weeks, or at least it seems like weeks, for the buds to bloom.

I think they're spectacular!

The peony was all buds yesterday, and today, almost all the buds opened into flowers!

The poppies are looking gorgeous!

And the columbine are sweet.  We had almost no spring this year.  The weather went from cold to hot.  We had frost warnings last week and this week it's almost 90 degrees.  I am lamenting the loss of spring -- I love those 70 degree days and cool nights.  But I LOVE these hot temps.  Even with the humidity.  Although, I'm guessing the mosquitoes are coming soon.  Sigh.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Absolutely wonderful photos!
My blue flag iris, like yours, pouted after their move. And pouted. AND POUTED! Last year I thought I had lost them, mowed everything off with the John Deere and be darned if they didn't come back with a vengeance this year!
The weather is the same Spring to speak of, but I could do without the 90 degree heat. The body, she doesn't like it! ;-)
Enjoy your beautiful blossoms!!!


Lynne said...

ooo! Lovely! I need spring - right now! It's so cold herer and it's only 2:30pm! Home made soup for dinner tonight!

Jan said...

Oh my, that was worth the wait! Gorgeous Iris! All of your flowers are lovely. Thanks for sharing. Mine here have been struggling along in the cold and wet so everything is a couple weeks behind normal. The Portland Rose festival must be going on but we have barely any rose buds here, let alone open flowers. My poppies did begin to open this week but the peonies are tight still. Enjoy yours, I hope they last in your heat.

Judy Warner said...

I totally relate to your Iris. Mine have suddenly flowered this spring/summer (whatever you call our weather right now). I am not sure if it is the strange weather, or that the deer have not gotten to them, or that I am home rather than traveling, but seeing them when we enter our home is an uplifting experience. Enjoy! I am glad they decided to flower for you.

Robbie said...

The last purple/blue flower is a quilt in the making!!! just beautiful! don't you love seeing nature bloom!!!

Talin's Corner said...

Oh, I love irises. They are very pretty. I planted some in my front yard three years ago and this was the first year that they flowered. I just thought it was because I did not put them in deep enough and that they dug their way down as the years went by.