Friday, July 15, 2011

Discharging with deColourant

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered some deColourant color remover.  I couldn't wait to try it with the kitchen resists that I've been playing around with.  But I had cleaned up and put away the table in the middle of the family room (for some reason my family insists on hanging around in that room and the "laboratory" table took up most of the space).  So I had time to do just a few experiments until the outside-experiment weather happened.

 I was really excited about using this stuff.  I have long wanted to play around with discharging fabric -- I even purchased some stuff that stops the action of the bleach -- but because I like to breathe, I never found time to get bleach and use it.

So this stuff seemed heaven-sent.  No harmful fumes, no noxious odors, and it rinses out easily with just soap and water.  In fact, if you change your mind and don't like the design, you can rinse it out without it discharging!

Because it is activated with heat.  Specifically, steam from an iron.  Cool beans!

I had to do a winter block in brights (!), so I pieced together some brights, then, using a  trusty Stewart Gill stencil, I applied this stuff to my pieced block.

I let it dry, then hit it with the steam iron.

Wow!  It really does work!

And the smell is tolerable.  Not really pleasant, but didn't necessitate a run to the oxygen tanks (no, I don't really have any oxygen tanks, but if I did, I would have had them standing by -- just in case.)
 I went over the discharged tree with some pale grey thread to make the cream-colored discharged area look more wintery and cool.  And I was finished.  And the recipient really liked it.

I also tried out the deColourant Plus.  It has color mixed in with the remover.  I opted for the lime green/orange/purple group.  I really like the orange stripes on the turquoise fabric.  I was a little worried because before it dried, the edges had a bright purple color.  But it turned orange when I ironed it.

I liked that I could mix the colors with each other and with the plain deColourant.  The bottom stripes on the turquoise piece are orange mixed with plain.  I did the same thing with the purple at the bottom of the black piece on the right.  
I swirled together the green with some of the plain and got this piece.  Both of the black fabrics are Kona black.  I was really surprised and happy with how well it replaced the black.

But I really want to try it with resists.  That will have to wait for my next post.


Talin's Corner said...

WOW, this stuff is tremendous. I have never heard of it. Your tree looks fantastic.

Michele at Sweet Leaf said...

Thanks for sharing your experiments. I love your tree! Di you paint that on, or did you have a screen?

Robbie said...

what fun! I've only used the DeColorant color remover but I'm really interested in the color remover with the color added in it! How cool is that!

Chris Daly said...

You are having way too much fun. What a great product and excellent demos!

Lynne said...

I believe they also make a discharge that takes out one colour and adds another! That would also be fun to try!

Vicki W said...

I like Decolourant a lot, although I'm very chemically sensitive and still have to wear a respirator. But I have to wear one with paint and bleach too. You got some great results!

Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing! I've seen that product and wondered how well it works. Looks like I may need to get some.

Jan said...

Great results, I really like your experiments. Now if your family would just get out of the way and let you continue your studies....

I received an email newsletter from Dharma today. They are looking for blogs to feature that have tutorials on them that feature products they sell. May I submit your blog to them?

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks like magic. Would love to try that.

The Vegetarian Hunter said...

This stuff looks amazing. Where did you order it from? I just got a nice collection of solids in and I think this would be great to play with.
I have been thinking more about your quilt journal suggestion and I have some ideas for pages finally. It took me a good week to wrap my head around it.

Quilt Rat said...

Isn't it great fun to spend time in the "laboratory"? :-) Your experiments turned out terrific. I LOVE the deColourant and really find the smell similar to the old home permanents our mothers gave us.
I think you can also add textile paint to the plain deColourant to get the bleaching/colouring action happening......put on your lab coat and have a ball!

Quilter Kathy said...

This looks like great fun...enjoy!