Sunday, November 6, 2011

November BOM Report

Last week, my  2011 BOM group met and showed these blocks.  The ones on the right are last month's and the one on the left is this month.  I did not do this block because I've been working on the sashing for this quilt -- I'll have a photo of the progress on that on the Monday Design Wall post.
This beauty was shown last month, but I didn't have permission to post it.  Ellyn kindly gave me permission when I remembered to ask.  She shrunk the blocks from 12 inches to nine inches -- a math feat that boggles the mind  for some of these blocks.  And she added just a wee bit of red in each block.  The log cabin setting blocks were her own invention.  I especially like the little grey squares she added in the border.

I have a little dilemma... I need one more block for mine.  Should I do a "54 45 or Fight?"  I've always wanted to do one of these blocks.

Or should I do a feathered star?  I love this block and I just can't imagine doing a sampler quilt without at least one.  Or do both and put one on the back... Hmmmmm...


Beth said...

dilema, dilema...... dilema. I have a 54-40 quilt and I love it.... but a feathered star... is good too. I think I would look at the balance of which would work best with the other blocks. The feathered star might be too piece-y to fit with the others..... but its your quilt, do what YOU like!

Robbie said...

Decisions, decisions, right! I love feathered star quilts but any would work! Your blocks are great and so is your friends bk/white/red quilt!!

Lynne said...

Both and put one on the back (you know you want to!)

Ellyn's quilt is stunning! I want one!