Friday, July 12, 2013

Fueling the Magpie

I have this sparkly necklace that I really like.  But I haven't any earrings that I really like with it.

"You'll want something simple," the lady at the store said.  "So as not to compete with the necklace," she continued.

And the polite person my mother raised smiled and nodded and said nothing.

While the magpie inside shrieked, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!"

So I dug my jewelry-making tools out of the mothballs, along with some sparkly stuff from my stash, and created these beauties to vie with the necklace.

Since I had all that stuff out, it was determined that I may as well make more than one pair.

These are for DD -- they include: the sun and the moon, which shine upon her; a star, which she is; and a heart because she has mine.  And a couple of crystals to satisfy the magpie.

And a pair for me -- in my favorite colors (some of them, anyway.)

OK -- back to fiber.  I have some things that are nearly finished -- I'll get photos up here soon!

I'm linking up with Nina Marie at Off the Wall Fridays.


Gwyned Trefethen said...

One person's vie is another person's complement. I think your new earrings are perfect for the necklace. Next week you can model the ensemble for us.

Robbie said...

Multi talented lady!!! And funny too!

Norma Schlager said...

These are so pretty! It would be hard to choose a favorite.