Monday, May 3, 2010

TCB -- Takin' Care of Biz

Yesterday, in my rant about the tree, I forgot to mention a couple of things.  First, my darling daughter, age 10, gave me a wonderful mayday basket when I got up.

She has been rather secretive of late -- working on some project she didn't want me to know about.  Since Mother's Day is next week and my birthday shortly after, I decided I should not worry.

This basket is amazing.  There is a removable butterfly, a pencil, and a shiny stone in it.  On each side is a note made from stickies -- one says "hello" inside and the other, "happy belated may day."

Inside there are drawings of a sun shining and an apple, which is a continuation of the apple tree she drew on the bottom of the box.

When I took Rosie-the-dog on her aprés-dinner walk, I encountered a neighbor who told me that my daughter had given her a mayday basket with some drawings and a sprig of lilac in it.  She teared up when she told me how much that meant to her and how special she thinks my daughter is.  How sweet, I thought.

Also yesterday, Robbie, who blogs at Robbie's Paw Prints, posted about using glue and alcohol inks.  She gave me credit for inspiring her and also gave me some new ideas.  How cool.

The Creative Cue last week was "pocket."  I thought of a car I had way back when I was young, single, and gorgeous.  It was a Honda CRX and a car magazine at the time labeled it a "Pocket Rocket."  Of course, I had the economical 4 cylinder model, but it was still fun to drive.  And I looked cool in it.  Then I thought of the old Little Feat song, "Rocket in My Pocket."  Actually, I'm not sure that they were talking about the kind that NASA shoots into outer space.  But that's where my mind went.  This is my very first doodle.  How fun.

Finally, I have a bunch of new followers -- to them, I want to say, "Welcome."  And the same to all the old ones because I may not have had such good manners then.  Welcome.  And thanks for following.  How great!


Barb said...

What a cute May Day gift, she sure worked hard and is very talented.

Jan said...

Wow! How lovely that your daughter is carrying on this nearly lost tradition! What lovely things she created. I think we know where she gets her creativity. Thanks for sharing this sweet story.

Michele at Sweet Leaf said...

May Day baskets--nice to hear some people still do this! Boy children do not bother with such niceties. Sigh!

Love the Pocket Rocket, too!

Deborah said...

What a nice and talented daughter you have!