Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Award? For Me?

Yes -- Carolyn at Vegetarian Hunter has nominated me for this award.  It is an award for the smaller blogs -- fewer than 300 followers -- and a way to share information about us little guys.
The best part is that I get to pass it on to three to five of my bloggy friends.  I have picked three.

First, I'd like to nominate Beth of Notes.  Beth is an American quilter who lives in South Africa.  She blogs about quilts and life in her new place.  Beth also takes absolutely awesome photos of African flora and fauna.  She is exceedingly knowledgeable about the subjects of her pictures and writes the most interesting blog.

My second nominee is Sara at The Universe According to Sara.  Sara was the most neglectful blogger until recently.  She writes about quilts, beading, and other creative projects with the occasional rant about other topics.  Recently, she decided to make the effort to update her blog regularly, and in doing so, has blossomed as a  blogger.  Although I suspect she would dispute it, Sara is very creative.

My third nominee is Karen at Rabbits Eat Quilts.  The title alone is worth a visit.  But Karen writes about her family, including those rabbits, and her experiments with art quilting.  Karen is a thread-sketcher extraordinaire and she makes some amazing art quilts.

I am not in the habit of accepting blog awards, but Carolyn said such nice things about me and now I get to say nice things about my friends, that I decided to graciously accept this and pass it on.


Barb said...

Congrats on your award!

Beth said...

Thanks Karen!!!! I could use the boost!!! Of course I could write more blog entries and post more pictures.... if the Internet would work... more often- here.