Monday, August 29, 2011

Final Summer Design Wall

My kids go back to school this week!  So now I have no excuses for not getting anything done.  Well, except for all those school, musical, and sporting events.

First up, on my design wall is my final Round Robin Surface Design Swap piece.  I have to figure out what to do to this.  It's been dyed, waxed, over-dyed, and foiled.  Darn... I was going to foil it.  I am trying to decided what to do next.  Paint? More foil?  Discharge?  It's hard to do anything that won't disturb the foiling that's already on there.  Hmmmm.....stay tuned......
And this mess is the result of a week's work on my ereader pattern.  Last week (sadly, my last post), was a big whine about cutting before quilting.  I got it right this time.  Quilt, then cut.  I'm currently auditioning fabrics for the front pocket.  There is a finished bag in the upper right corner of the photo.

For more design wall fun, click here to go to Judy's blog.


kwiltnkats said...

Karen, my first though on something else to do was big circles like tie die. Not sure how to go about that or if the foiling won't allow for it. Sandi

Robbie said...

What are the white dots in the middle of each circle? how about using some black paint and outlining each circle. that should keep you busy for awhile and off the streets! HA

Jan said...

I just finished a bag today for someone. They weren't my fabric choices. My choices would run more along the lines of the ones in your photo, they look so interesting. Good luck with yours.