Friday, April 20, 2012

On Friday, Appliqué Update Thursday

I have returned to the Poseidon piece.  In the moving piles of stuff around that passed for creative endeavor this winter, I lost his trident!  He can't be Poseidon/Neptune without it!

But I found it.  Under a stack of fabrics vaguely related to this project.  I am still playing with the seahorses.  That bit of fabric where a horse tail would be is a fin.  That I'm not finished with.

I got out the Tsukineko inks and gave Poseidon/Neptune some features -- hair, eyes, and (ahem) some muscles.  I also did a little bit of inking on the seahorses and the turtle.

 And I have finished this needle-turn appliqué block for my new bag.  I used variegated perlé cotton thread for the running stitches in the center of the flower.  I had to do the set-in circle more than once.  The first time, I cut the circle from the butterfly background too large.  So the hole was too large.  Then I cut it out correctly; but when I went to square up the block after the machine stitching, I cut the block too small.  So I picked out the stitching and made another butterfly background piece.  The third time was a charm!  Not too big or too little, but just right.

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ANudge said...

Hey, I like your piece. Coming along nicely. And wow, your block is wonderful. Looks so nice! this is going to be a great bag. Look forward to seeing it.

Jan said...

I haven't been by for awhile but it looks like you are keeping busy as usual. Such intricate work, that needle turn, you must have a lot of patience to do it 3 times! I look forward to seeing progress on Poseidon.

Beth said...

See moving the stuff around was the right advice!!! You found a trident and your creative juice!

Robbie said...

Your applique block is wonderful! Love the addition of the perle cotton. sniffle, sniffle...when I got to Florida this year I thought I had forgot to pack my Tsukineko inks...but now I can't find them at the house either!!! They were a BD gift to myself last year (or was it the year before???)...I can't find the buggers anywhere!!! Using them for shading was perfect for Neptune!