Sunday, August 12, 2012

Can't Resist Those Sweets

 Over at the "...Fire" blog we are doing resists with Lisa Kerpoe.  Click here for her post and instructions for this technique.

It took me three tries to get this right.  The first time the syrup was too thin and the colors on my fabric were washed out and boring.

The second time, I boiled the syrup until I had delicious caramel.  Great for eating -- not so great for this project.

The third time it was just right.

I love the way that the resist and the dyes ran together.

The backside of these is the most interesting.  This was a fun technique.  The best part is there is no waiting for the resist to dry before adding the dyes.  

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Beth said...

different! and a different pallet for you too. I think I like the flour crackled resist better... than this. But what about using Karo syrup, already cooked... just thin it as needed?