Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is it Summer Yet?

I know -- it's almost over.  The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of family, friends, and excitement.  Not all of it has been good, but I will spare my readers the bad stuff and share some of the fun stuff.

The top picture is from an all too brief camping trip with some friends in central Wisconsin.  This is the Fox River.  Every morning I was awakened by the rather loud call of Whooping Cranes.  But I could never get close enough to photograph them.  The only picture I took of them flying away didn't even capture them in the shot!

So I sketched one on some fabric with my new markers -- more about the markers below.

We spent a lot of time hiking around the area -- the campground where we stayed had some wonderful footpaths skirting the marshes (where I could hear those cranes whooping it up).

I don't know what these wildflowers are, but I like them.

Of course we brought the dogs -- Scout is just too cool.

And Rosie was happy.

I took my daughter to visit my father in California.  This was her first time at the beach since she was a toddler.  I could hardly get her out of the waves  -- and she felt the same about the pool.

There were tons of pelicans flying about -- but of course never when I had my camera out.  Here are my new markers -- they were half price, so I snuck them in with the school supplies --- shhhh....

There is no brown marker in the package, so I used orange and purple.

We visited the Museum of Making Music (here).   And this is DD playing guitar under a picture of three of my four favorite musicians -- this iconic photo was taken by Henry Diltz before Neil Young joined the band.   I have lots more photos from the museum -- I'll probably use them in future projects.


Beth said...

Wow.... some busy days! I was wondering how things were going.... Isn't that the CSN photo from Manassas.... from the photo shoot? I like them too.... but mostly with the Y part....

Michele Matucheski said...

I think that pink wild flower is Joe Pye Weed--one of my favorites. It likes to be around water ... I have some in my garden, but it didn't do so well this summer with the heat and drought. This specimen looks beautiful and happy!