Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Journal Cover to Give Away

But not here...

I was inspired by one of the prompts in the books I'm reviewing tomorrow on the "...Fire" blog.  I made a little circle template by tracing around the bottom of the bottle and getting out the deColourant spray that I haven't had a chance to play with.  I sprayed a half dozen circles down the length of a half yard of Kona black.

Then I wet the fabric, scrunched it up,  poured diluted copper fabric paint over it and let it dry for a couple of days.

I love the texture -- the little circles looked like moons over mountains to me, so I went with that.

I layered it with a piece of cotton batting and quilted it using cotton threads in several colors.  Then I traced around the journal and cut out the part I wanted.

Because old books often had marbling on the inside covers, I dug through my stash of hand-marbled fabrics and chose this one.

Here is the inside of the cover -- I used a plain piece of Kona black to line the inside of the journal cover.

This is a shot of the backside of the covered journal.

There are detailed instructions for making a journal cover here.

I'm linking up with Nina-Marie's Off the Wall Fridays -- even though it's really Saturday.

And here is a shot of the front.  I will be giving this away in our December giveaway and book review on ...And Then We Set It on Fire.  Check out tomorrow's post.  

Sunday Update: click here to go to the ...Fire blog and leave a comment to win this book!


Sara said...

Neato! Everything you do is so beautiful and creative.

I bought a top-spiral sketchbook last night at B&N to begin a journal. I'm attempting to focus my thoughts and ideas and experiences instead of allowing them to just float free. Too bad this cover won't work for that :(

Lynne said...

You are so creative - another fantastic project!

Beth said...

WOW! that is so cool. I may even join the fray to win it!!! But I'd have to use it and I don't journal or sketch! Oh well, maybe next time! Looking forward to the review too.

Lois said...

Beautiful... I am just starting out... or should say... I need to start. Thank you for the opportunity !

Gill said...

Fabulous! I'm intrigued by the decolourant spray as I've not come across it before - would you recommend it??

JB said...

My favorite medium is fabric and my journaling needs reinvigorating. I would love to receive new inspiration.

Karen S said...

Gill! I love deColourant -- I highly recommend it. There are a lot of videos on YouTube about using it and if you go to the bottom of my blog and click on"deColourant" I have some posts that show other things I've done with it.