Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Last week a blizzard blew through so Rosie and I took some photos on our walk:


Beth said...

ummmh.... looks cold. Seeing snow today!!!! of course a bit of sleet first, but it will turn to rain later today.... Did you have a good Holiday?

Lynne said...

Brrrrr! Im not dreaming of a white Christmas -- it looks pretty but chilly!

Our temperature dropped from 95* on Christmas Eve to 75* on Christmas Day and today is even colder. I have cold feet sitting here with the window open and the evening chill coming in. It's time for bed -- a sheet and a thin cotton blanket should be warm enough! The only thing white about our Christmas is the ice cream on the pudding!

Hope you had a good one!

Sara said...

Pretty pictures. Especially like the last one of the snow-pup! I will continue to appreciate living in Florida and that I'm hanging out in a tshirt, cotton pajama bottoms, and am barefoot...and that the heat is off and the kitchen window is open :p

Mina said...

Brrrr, I am getting cold just looking at these pics. What happened with your pup?

Jay said...

Wonderful pictures!! Just exactly the way I like to enjoy the snow of my youth....through some one else's pics!!! Just kidding...I love snow...but not as much as I used to!!!