Friday, November 6, 2009

Dyeing For Stripes

At Quilt Expo, I talked to a dyer who had a lot of fun, stripy hand-dyes. The soda soaked fabric is accordion folded, then put in a container, and flooded with dye.
I did one a couple of weeks ago and liked it so much, I thought it would be fun to try it with two or more colors of dyes per piece.
I took the folded fabric and rolled it up so it looked like a snail shell and dipped one side in dye, then put it in a container filled with another color of dye and let them batch for a couple of days in the family room -- the temperature is dropping to below 40 degrees at night, so I won't get good results if it stays outside.
After I washed and dried them, this is the result:

They're pretty wrinkled, I know, but I left them in the drier for a couple of days, so now I have to iron them-- bleah.

I also did another shibori piece like the previous one where I painted on green dye under the brown dye. This time I used freshly mixed dyes and kept it inside overnight to batch.

A much nicer result, I think. I like the darker tones on this one. There is some orange in there -- I ran out of brown dye with about an inch or so to go, so I mixed together some orange and purple, but it looks mostly orange in those spots. Where did the purple go?

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Beth said...

The 'stripey' looks great!!! OK, my next house is going to have an unfinished basement room with a sink!!!!

I want to go on a dyers retreat!!!

Beth-Near Chicago