Monday, November 16, 2009

More Stripes

I snuck out to the "dye studio," AKA the NE corner of the garage, this weekend and mixed up four colors of dye -- turquoise, lemon yellow, golden yellow, and boysenberry. I mixed a little of the golden yellow into the boysenberry for a nice blood red, and mixed some of the turquoise into each of the yellows for green.

Then I did the accordion fold thing with two pieces each of soda-soaked fabric and two that were not soda-soaked. I dunked each into a beaker of dye
and let them batch overnight in the family room. It's dipping into the 30s at night now and that's way too cold for the turquoise (and me).

-- the soda-soaked fabrics went into the red and turquoise:

and the greens had soda added after they had been in there for a little while. I probably should have waited longer before adding the activator, but I was in a hurry.

The stripes aren't as pronounced as I would have liked, although this is probably more useful for quilting. Also, I think that pouring the soda on the fabric with the golden yellow made the turquoise move from the top of the roll because it's more yellow than green there.

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