Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Ghouls

I have been busy making the dreaded annual Halloween costume for my darling daughter. This year it was a vampire cape made from some heavy kinda velvety fabric that had rubbery feeling grey spiderwebs and sparkly red glitter spiders all over it. It was on sale for half price, but was still not cheap (in my opinion). I made her a matching bag to hold all those treats. This stuff totally gummed up the needle in my machine and my entire studio glistens with a layer of red glitter, but it made a fab costume! I've had enough of sparkly stuff for a while (sorry chickens) and plan to work with plain cotton for the next project.My fourteen year old son made his own mask from air-dry clay, wire, and paint. He fastened it to his head with packing tape and covered the tape with his hoodie. When he answered the door, a little trick or treater ran away screaming and had to be coaxed back to get his candy.With the traditional boom box emitting scary sounds (from an old CD I picked up years ago) and the cannibal jack o' lantern, our house rocked the neighborhood for fright!

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