Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sizzling Circles!

This is my prize from SewCalGal's virtual Christmas quilt show last month (she blogs here and here)! It is a book --Sizzling Circles, and a special circle-making ruler by Lacey J. Hill (who blogs here). Lacey describes the blocks in the book as "Orange Peels on steroids." There is a bag pattern in the book that looks very interesting. Lacey also threw in a pattern she designed called "Hills of New Jersey." It features large print fabrics designed by one of my favorite fabric designers, Ro Gregg.

It's still cold here
and I saw this frost covered tree when I walked the dog this morning.

But inside my hibiscus trees are blooming! This tree had three, count 'em, three large yellow blooms! I had a tough time deciding which picture to post, they were all so beautiful. I like the red flowers, but the yellow ones are my favorites.

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Sara said...

What a gorgeous flower. And such a contrast with the snow and whites/grays.