Friday, January 15, 2010

Snow Dyeing Part 3 - Who's Got the Blues?

I do! These are half yard cuts of cotton.


Royal -- I like the purples that came out in this one

And the greens -- Navy, Royal, and yellows

And the golds: Lemon Yellow and Golden yellow.
There is some pink in this one -- because I washed it with the reds?

And my favorite -- a whole yard of all the colors I mixed up:

This looks to me like planets exploding, as in some celestial event. I'm tempted to layer this with batting and backing and make it a whole cloth quilt. Or maybe add a border of the navy piece then a wider border of pieces from all the colors. Or maybe something else?


Beth said...

Ohhhh the one with the purple coming out... Looks a Geode.

Beth-Near Chicago

Judy said...

love these! thanks for sharing (I found you via the dyers list)


Approachable Art said...

Adorable blog, and really lovely results with your snow dyeing. I will try the freezer method next time I need some yardage and hope for some similarly neat results. :D