Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Last Snow Dye (Maybe...)

Yesterday morning, I woke up to this:
Which led to this:

Which led to these:

Chocolate brown, grape, golden yellow on scrunched cotton -- this is the only one with the crystalline patterns from the snow.  The rest have some nice colors that separated out, but not much of the snow effects.  The snow was pretty slushy and melted pretty quickly.  I probably could have piled more on top and gotten better results -- Oh well, next time (year?).

Scarlet and sapphire with a little grape

These two were both pleated, then I used sapphire, golden, and lemon yellow.
Scarlet, golden and lemon yellow on pleated fabric with snow on top.  It's much more orange than I thought it would be.

A little bit of snow was forecast and I toyed with the notion of prepping some fabric and dyes Friday night.  But I was afraid I would jinx any snowfall by preparing for it, so I didn't.  You can tell that Friday nights are pretty wild up here in North Sodom and Gomorrah, if soaking fabric and mixing dyes are on the program (why d'ya think they call it Wisconsin?).

Oh -- and I finally saw one of these!  Sorry the picture's a little fuzzy -- my camera doesn't really do far away and he (she?) took off when I got close to the tree.  So I guess spring is finally here.

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Beth said...

With results like those how could you ever hope for an early spring? I think it's time to buy a snowcone machine... Can you snow dye in the summer?