Sunday, March 14, 2010

Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod

"Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod Set Sail"
24" x 24"
Machine pieced and quilted, raw and turned-edge machine appliqué, commercial and hand-dyed cotton fabrics, textile paint, inks, beading, rayon and cotton threads

Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod
 (Dutch Lullaby)
by Eugene Field (1850-1895)

Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod, one night, sailed off in a wooden shoe;
Sailed off on a river of crystal light into a sea of dew.
"Where are you going and what do you wish?" the old moon asked the three.
"We've come to fish for the herring fish that live in this beautiful sea.
Nets of silver and gold have we," said Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod. 

The old moon laughed and sang a song as they rocked in the wooden shoe.
And the wind that sped them all night long ruffled the waves of dew.
Now the little stars are the herring fish that live in that beautiful sea;
"Cast your nets wherever you wish - never afraid are we!"
So cried the stars to the fishermen three - Winkin', and Blinkin', and Nod.

So all night long their nets they threw to the stars in the twinkling foam.
'Til down from the skies came the wooden shoe bringing the fisherman home.
'Twas all so pretty a sail it seemed as if it could not be.
Some folks say 'twas a dream they dreamed of sailing that misty sea.
But I shall name you the fisherman three - Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod.

Now Winkin' and Blinkin' are two little eyes and Nod is a little head.
And the wooden shoe that sailed the skies is a wee one's trundle bed.
So close your eyes while mother sings of the wonderful sights that be.
And you shall see those beautiful things as you sail on the misty sea,
Where the old shoe rocked the fishermen three - Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod.


Beth said...

Very Cool!!! So what were the rest of the rules... that went with the challenge?


Karen S said...

Thanks, Beth. I had to use some of each of four different fabrics -- I used them in the sails, the little flag at the tip of the mast, and Winkin', Blinkin', and Nod's shirts.

The size was between 20 and 25 inches and it had to relate to a Nursery Rhyme. There were three categories: pieced, appliquéd, or embellished.

Because of all the beading, the cheesecloth net, and the hair (which I did on tulle sandwiched in water soluble stabilizer) mine was embellished.

Michele at Sweet Leaf said...

Lovely! I had an inkling this was the visual interpretation of Winkin' Blinkin & Nod.

Deb H said...

My dad used used to read this poem to me when I was little. I always loved it. Your quilt takes me back. It's so sweet.

Diana Napier said...

I did see this quilt at the show. Very very nice and the challenge was enjoyable to see. Excellent job1