Friday, March 19, 2010

TAST 2 Week 1 (Just a Little Late)

Over at Pintangle, Sharon has started a weekly challenge where she provides a stitch, some samples, and (most importantly) directions for the stitch.  It's called "Take a Stitch Tuesday" or TAST.  The first week was the diamond stitch -- you can read about it here.  I'm a bit behind because she's already done week three and I'm just starting week one.
 I'm still working on those !#*#$@!! CQ 4x4s (you can read about them here) and I decided since they weren't going to finish themselves, I'd use some of them for my experiments in these new stitches.  The top photo shows my first attempt.  Not so good.  So I got out a big honkin' needle and some fat thread and the second attempt was much better.
And did I take out the first attempt?  Nuh uh, not me -- I added beads and made it beautiful!

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