Monday, March 29, 2010

More About Those !#@%$#&*!! ATCs

I finished some ATCs using the "fabric" I was whining about in the previous post.  I mounted some smaller squares on blue card stock (because it's "pond-like") and added little frogs.  I also gave them even more texture by running a line of glue on them and sprinkling tiny beads onto the glue.  A fun project except for the tiny beads that got all over my cutting mat.

I tried punching out dragonfly shapes from the "fabric," but it didn't work at all and plugged up my punch.  I spent half an hour trying to pick out the bits.  I won't try that again.


Beth said...

I'm thinking about making some ATC's since you have posted about yours.... I still have about 2 weeks... It's still just a thought though!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think the smaller ones on coloured mounts actually work better than the full size ones! Nicely done.

Chris said...

I like how they turned out! So what's an ATC?