Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chicago Festival 2010

"Schizo Rose" by Judy Robinson Ehrnst

So while I was driving down to Chicago last week, I was struck by the verdant green of the countryside.  Every past year, it's been brown and ugly -- not quite winter anymore, but decidedly not spring yet.  All the way down there (2 1/2 hours by car), I composed in my head this wonderfully poetic blogpost, waxing rhapsodic about all the spring colors, the birds, and the lovely look to the trees veiled in their new spring finery.

And then I got there and I got so excited, I completely forgot everything I was going to say.  Bummer.

Since I have been a rather neglectful blogger this past week, I will parcel out the stuff I did during my whirlwind tour of Festival over a couple of shorter posts, rather than one long, potentially boring, blogpost.  That way, if I'm at all boring, readers can skip to the next bit.

I took pictures of some of the quilts -- much of the exhibit had stern "No Photography" signs (which I obeyed to the letter) -- so I missed a wonderful shot of an elderly man sitting under one of those signs with his camera out and ready to go.  But mostly, I had fun walking around with my friend and looking at all the stuff.  It was amazing how many people whom I knew that I ran into.

For a look at some of my favorite quilts (and my pictures, too -- thanks, Beth) click here.

And I just had to post this one -- it was my favorite one of all:  front, back and a detail shot:
"In Hiding"  by Barbara Shapel

Tomorrow:  all about ATCs and some fishy tales...

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Beth said...

Oh we did have some fun!!! I'm going to miss the show.... but maybe a different one... Cincin?