Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jasmine Part 2

In the first post (here), I had turned the line-drawing tracing of Jasmine upside down so that the picture was reversed.  This was because I was going to piece it.  After looking at all the tiny pieces, I rethought my strategy and decided that fusing was the way to go.

So I flipped my tracing back over and used a different color of Sharpy (so I wouldn't get confused as to which was which) and traced the whole thing on freezer paper twice.  I made sure that I had the little parts of her face traced a third time because I'm going to layer the eyes and parts of the snout on top so I don't have to cut out all those tiny pieces.

I marked the pieces with the color ( I used a secret code: L1 for lightest, L2 for next darker, M1, M2, D1 in order, then D2 for darkest.)  I decided to use a beautiful dark brown  for her eyes that I found in my stash because Jasmine has beautiful brown eyes.  

I had pulled out a nice range of hand-dyes in some pretty bright colors and checked them  on the copier in black and white to make sure that I had the values correct.

As I looked at these fabrics, I decided that the orange and green were too jarring with the other colors, so I replaced them with some pinks and lilacs.
I pulled a couple of Shibori-dyes for the choke chain around her neck (she is not my dog, so please don't send me any emails about it). 
Can anybody tell me why, oh why, all the best parts of a shibori or hand dye are always in the middle of the piece?  So I didn't cut it now, I'll figure that out later.  
I ironed fusible (I used Wonder Under because it was there) to the backs of the fabrics and peeled them off the backing.  I set them on baking parchment on my ironing board.

I set up the fabrics in order from dark to light and started setting the cutout freezer paper pieces on top.  I didn't cut out the whole thing at once because I don't want to forget where I am when I come back to it.  So far, I have cut out her back parts and the big pieces of her face.
That's Rosie under the ironing board.  She got to go to the dog park yesterday, so don't feel too sorry for her.


Beth said...

Isn't the best part of 'anything' in the middle?

One week and counting... give or take!!! Are you ready for Rosemont?

Rumor has it... it's moving next year- to Indy.


Anonymous said...

That would have been SO difficult to piece! I really like your idea of doing a black and white photocopy to check values. Look forward to seeing this grow.