Friday, April 23, 2010

100th Post Extravaganza!!!!!! WoooHoooo!!!!!!

Or not.   I wouldn't have known about it -- but Blogger helpfully keeps track for me and I happened to be in my dashboard and noticed.

I suppose that I should do something special like, um, host a giveaway, or maybe a show...hmmm -- I'll have to think about that.  Oh wait -- then it wouldn't be the 100th post anymore.  Oh well.  I guess this is indicative of  more sloppy record-keeping that I didn't think of this earlier and have something planned.

Fortunately!  I was reading Robin Atkin's recent Beadlust (ooh baby, I love that title -- maybe I could be fibrelust next...) post and she issued a challenge to revisit your 6th posted photo from when your blog was new and critique it.  Hmmmm...

Fortunately (again), I am a fairly new blogger, so I had to go back only a few months to pick that photo and it was this one:

It's funny that it was this one (okay, maybe not loud guffaw funny, but certainly worth a chuckle or two), because I sent a friend a link to this very photo and she mentioned that it would not enlarge when she clicked on it.  And when I checked the post (here), none of them would.

That's because I didn't know that if you cut and pasted in Blogger, your pictures wouldn't enlarge.  I've learned a lot since; but I have also learned that as soon as I know something, they change it.  It's enough to make a person become a Luddite.  As long as I can keep my sewing machine.  We have a relationship, you know...  I used to tell my DH that if he were a sewing machine, he would be this one.  Or maybe if a sewing machine were him, it would be this one... or something like that...  But I digress.

As for the critique:  I would have brightened it up (the photo) before I published it. And cropped it better.  Maybe like this:

 I might have posed it differently. I would have used a different background.  Maybe like this:

Still not crazy about it -- it's so hard to take an action shot of a purse.  And the color is close, but not quite perfect.  I think I like it better with the handle smooshed down -- like in the original shot.  So many choices.

But I definitely would have made it so that you could click on it to enlarge it.  Thanks, Robin.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Congrats on your 100th post!
I think I did something for mine, but can't remember now! (which shows I blither too much on Blogger...LOL!)
I like the purse, and you're DO you get an *action shot* of a purse??? Unless it's on your arm, laden down, after a quilt show.... ;)


Jan said...

I definitely like the purse photo with the light colored background. You could take a picture of it with someone holding it, maybe walking down a sidewalk or such. It's a lovely purse, however you show it. Congratulations on your 100th post! I'm not that far along yet. I swear, blogger tells me I have 69 posts and that is hard to believe. I went back and counted, I thought they were counting times when I had to go in and edit or something. But no, there are the number they say. I guess posts fly when you are having fun!

Karen S said...

Thanks, Anne! I'll have to work on that last image --- "laden down, after a quilt show..." Works for me!

Hélène H said...

I also prefer thepurse with light background. And I'm maddly in love with this tiger on your banner...

Barb said...

What a cute purse...and congrats on your 100 post!