Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

My dad sent me a digital camera he wasn't using, so I took it on our walk today.  I'm still learning how to use it -- I'm probably going to have to take the book and camera outside together and experiment.  Above are pictures of wild flowers that grow in the woods between the houses.  The last two pics were taken at great personal peril to me because after all the rain and heat of the past few days, the mosquitoes were out in full battle attack mode.  Yeeouch!  Slap! Slap!

And, of course, the obligatory gratuitous dog shots.  Above is "Pepper" the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who looks like Rosie's mini-me.  He's not the least bit intimidated by a big Berner and loves to play with her.

Left is Rosie with a Siberian/mix Rescue who is blind.  She's a little skittish, but a real sweetie and Rosie seems to know that she has to play gently with her.


Beth said...

Since you have failed to mention the 'brand' of D-SLR it must be a Canon!!!

Aren't they fun. I am having a very difficult time waiting for my replacement lens.

Beth-Now in Pretoria, South Africa

Jan said...

I love obligatory gratuitous dog shots! Love your flower photos too. Thanks for risking mosquito bites to get these.

QuiltSwissy said...

After you said you had a Berner I had to go look. My grand dog is a Cav! How funny.

Hugeaux fits in perfectly with the Swissys for overnight stays. He can definitely hold his own with the big dogs.

glen: and then of course there is the Smelly Basset.