Thursday, July 1, 2010

So Happy to Say Goodbye

to June.  T S Eliot was wrong -- June is the cruelest month.  Between all the fiscal year deadlines at my unreal job and the end-of-school-year stuff for my kids -- they're in school, they're out of school, they're in summer school -- I just can't wait for June to end. Of course, we also have more than a few birthdays this month and Father's Day to add to my stress.  Unfortunately, with July fourth feeling like it's the middle of summer -- now I feel like half the summer is gone too. Sheesh.

Because today was the first Thursday of the month, I met with my piecing group -- we are doing "Sew Many Blocks" by Bits 'n Pieces.  This month's blocks were "Judy in Arabia" and "Gentleman's Fancy."

"Judy in Arabia"

That's mine on the bottom left.  These are the first blocks that I can remember where we all chose pretty much the same values for each patch.  Check out the fussy cut "four-patch" in the center of the one just above mine -- she actually turned each square into a half square triangle to make that!  Very nice!

"Gentleman's Fancy"

I didn't do this one. I was short on time all month and I wasn't crazy about it, so I decided to skip it.  Seeing it in all the different colors, however, makes me think I might want to make it after all.

Here is one I did in EQ7.  Oh!  Did I forget to mention that it arrived last week?  It's so cool and it's been sitting there teasing me because all I could find the time to do was load it on the computer.  I have had no time to play with it.  I did this block in about 10 minutes.  And that includes the time I spent turning on the computer!  Cool beans, huh?


Barb said...

Love all the blocks.....sounds like July will be a relief to you!

Chris said...

Nice! You seem to have caught on to EQ faster than I did. Just think what you can do once you have a little more time! :)