Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dyeday Results

I spent some time dyeing fabric for a couple of projects that I have in mind.  I need darks with lighter edges.  These pictures are one half of half-yard cuts.

I also need something that looks like a sunset on the water.

This is a yard by width of fabric -- about 43 inches.  I did this first -- I think this will work for the project I have in mind. Sorry about the wrinkles -- I did iron it -- obviously not enough.

This was the third piece I dyed for the sunset on the water project.  I don't think it will work at all for the the project I had in mind, but I think it's gorgeous.  It's a yard by the width of the fabric -- about 43 inches.  I'm thinking whole cloth -- heavily quilted.  Click on the picture to see it better.  Any suggestions?


Anne Marie - Toronto said...

I LOVE the first piece!!!! How did you do it? Damn, I really do need more MX dyes. I'm thinking this is going to be an expensive obsession.

Karen S said...

Oh, so sorry, Amri -- trade secret...LOL! I put soda soaked fabric on a table covered with plastic and poured on the dyes. Using damp fabric (and a little patience) allows the colors to wick into each other.

Yes -- it can become a very expensive obsession. Know anybody who will give me money for my kids? Just kidding.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I do like the last one...I think with the use of different threads, you can get your water sunset without any problems. I mean...that was what I saw before reading.
I have not tinkered with dyes in a long time---not enough time and the mess. I have them and all the *stuff*, it just seems that the motivation of getting it all out and then put away is hiding somewhere!
Yours turned out great!


Anne Marie - Toronto said...

I think that you have the kids to stay, probably until they're at least in their 30's. Establish the rules now and tell them that they can only stay if they give you enough money to support your dye habit.

No more dying for me until I spend more money after the vacation. I'm going to the country so will probably have a few pennies left.

Jan said...

Regarding the last photo, if you turn it counterclockwise, I see a big cactus. In the sunset.

quilthexle said...

When I saw the last picture, I immediately wanted to applique a little sailing boat on the horizon, at the right side. Just my 5 cents ;-))