Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Thursday Piecers Group

As I have mentioned before, the first Thursday of the month is the machine piecer group.  This month the blocks were:

"Treasure Chest"

Mine is the green and blue batik block in the center.  I did it in EQ7 to try out fabric choices before I actually cut up any fabric.

It turned out different for a couple of reasons.  First, I was using the fabric choices that come with the program rather than scan in my actual fabrics.  Also, I have two printers available to me -- one that I share with the kids and so is constantly low on ink.  Right now, everything that it prints is pink.  The other printer is mine exclusively, but I was too cheap to waste ink on a print of a block.  So, during the running up and down the stairs between computer and fabric, the choices changed.  Unfortunately, all that running didn't result in a changed (read: skinnier) me.

I have a big beef with the fabric companies and EQ because they used to  have a disk of fabrics that you could purchase.  Yep -- in addition to the fabrics you already paid for, you had to buy the disk if you wanted to use them with EQ.  There are some manufacturers that allowed free downloads from their websites, but the idea of paying for an image of their fabric just griped me.  I'd rather spend my cash on fabric and thread.

So I got in the habit of using the ones that came with the program.  That's all changed with the new version, but I like designing in black and white because it's easy to see if the value choices work.  I'm much better with the scanner now and there are some new tools in EQ7 that allow fussy cutting and realistic sizing of prints, but I haven't had time to play around with them yet.  Soon.  The other block for this month was:

"Star of Many Points"

And my EQ7 version.  My block is in the upper left hand corner of the group.  Again, they're different.  Partly because I get so excited when I get to play with the fabric, changes happen.  Also, the stuff in the box for this quilt is different from the choices available with the program.   I keep current WIPs in plastic boxes so that all the fabrics are together and easy to move out of the way when something new strikes my fancy (OK, yes, I have some really old ones in boxes too).  I really like the green in the cross pieces.  I'm hoping to find some time to dye next week.  Maybe I'll  see if I can match that color.

This group is a free class that meets on the first Thursday of each month at Mill House Quilts in Waunakee, Wisconsin (the only one in the world).  This year we're doing "Sew Many Blocks" by Julia Hale from Bits 'n Pieces.  

And I did have some stuff for show and tell.  Including the latest tiger quilt.  I haven't finished sewing down the binding yet (maybe tonight), but all the quilting is done.  And I'm still married and all my children are intact.  So... tune in tomorrow.  

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Beth said...

This is going to make a very interesting quilt!!! Can't wait to see the next installment!