Friday, May 20, 2011

Pretty in Pink

I started this dress a couple of years ago -- back when my daughter was still enamored with pink and purple and princesses.  Before she entered into the evil clutches of Hannah Montana and all those ridiculous Disney shows.  But it was just so pink -- I just had to take a break from it.   Well, the break turned into a couple of years and the next thing I knew, she wasn't interested in a homemade dress in (gag) pink and purple.  So I put it away and forgot about it.  

Then my SIL mentioned that her granddaughter loves all things pink.  And they were coming here for a visit. I remembered this project and unearthed it from the towering pile of things to do.  It only took one night in front of the TV to finish the smocking.  Had I known that it was only an episode or two of Triple D away from completion, my DD might have worn it.   But that's how things go -- and I know it will be appreciated by its new wearer.

I used this smocking plate -- the hearts are stacked cables, or picture smocking.  After a couple of years' break, I had to remember how to do them.  But it turned out well -- I can't tell the new hearts from the before ones.

The pattern is my own configuration -- I can't remember what I was going to use for it and it wouldn't have fit a three year old anyway.

 And just for fun, I made her a little bag to go with from the scraps.

Long time readers may notice a new copyright logo on these photos.  That's because my friend Beth, who blogs here, sent this to me for my birthday.  I'm still working out how to use it -- but suffice it to say, I'm thrilled with it.  Thanks, Beth!


Beth said...

It's so much easier than typing ... using the text tool. You can change the color... and the opacity, and the size!!! (of the logo).

cute dress and the bag is adorable! What is DD?

Lynne said...

Cute dress - it seems only yesterday my DD was into pink; now she's 25 and six weeks from delivering her second child!

Robbie said...

I know how labor intensive smocking can be! A beautiful job!!! i'm sure the little one will enjoy it!!!

Barb said...

Wow...what a fantastic job you it!