Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Reward

So today was cleaning day. The whole crew -- we got the place cleaned up and then everybody scattered to spend the rest of the day having fun.

I made this purse a while ago.
I sewed together random strips of purple hand dyes and batiks -- some commercial, some of my own. I remember that I was a little appalled at how many different purples I had in my stash. The bag is lined with a streaky purple hand-dyed cotton sateen. I made the leaves from those things that soak up excess dye in the washer. I cut out leaf shapes, then painted veins with puff paint mixed with Polished Pigments. I hit them with some heat so they puffed, then fastened them with bead work.

Today, I took some Tyvek from a used envelope and painted it with Lumiere golds -- I used Sunset Gold and Bright Gold.
After it dried, I ironed it between sheets of parchment so it bubbled and cut out football shapes.
I dug out the sewn together strips leftover from the purse and set in the Tyvek shapes. Then I layered it and quilted it with wavy lines and circles on the Tyvek.
So -- football shapes on the day of the Wisconsin Badgers' football season opener -- coincidence?
I think not.

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