Monday, October 17, 2011

October Bounty

My design wall has those BOM2011 blocks on the side, but I've put up the stuff from the "Buck-A-Block"  deal that my one of my LQSs has.  The yellow/white ones are from last month and the orange strip is this month's.
 The blocks are made using "Thangles" and the LQS owner made hers in mini-size.  We are duplicating it in EQ7 and I'm duplicating it for real.  I just couldn't resist those bitty blocks.  They're 2 3/4 inches, so they will finish at 2 1/4.  So cute!  To see other design walls, click here to go to Judy's blog.
 This mess on my cutting table is the audition for the next block in my Civil War Bride Quilt.  I've almost finished the ostriches -- there was a lot of football this weekend (Go Badgers!).    I'm thinking I'm going to use the dark green for the background even though there are a lot of leaves and stems in the design;  I'll use the lighter greens for the appliqué.

And these beauties are my haul from the farmer's market this weekend.  I found my all-time favorite squash, some gorgeous cippolini onions, and this lovely Romanesco broccoli.  We sampled the Romanesco Saturday for dinner ( I drizzled it with EVOO and roasted the florets in the oven until they were browned, then a little Kosher salt and lemon juice to finish -- OMGosh! -- delicious!)  We had a couple of the delicata squash for dinner last night.


Beth said...

The food sounds good!!! We've been eating mucho Mexicano... because it tastes good and summery.
Those little block are sooooooo cute!!!! I guess you are going to have to take up Baseball watching. The games are longer and so is the season to get more applique done!!!

kwiltnkats said...

What a different look from the more everyday veggies. I'd never have guessed that the one on the right was broccoli. Sounds like a very yummy meal. The dark green background will look nice. Just make sure you have a wide selection of light greens because you'll need them to show. You may consider tans or rusts for a more Fall look. Sandi

Karen M said...

Karen, the Civil War quuilt is looking good. Your color choices are so rich.

Is the broccoli an Heirloom vegetable? Or a new hybrid? I've never seen it before. It looks like a dinosaur.