Thursday, October 20, 2011

Turkeys and Ostriches, Oh My!

I found this cute turkey made from a leaf block (here).    I didn't have her pattern for the leaf, so I made my own.  I did use the templates for the turkey -- it's sized for a larger block (eight inches instead of the seven incher that I used.)
 Here is the whole table runner -- mine's a little smaller than the pattern because I sliced off a little bit on each end to make it fit the piece of fabric I wanted to use for the back.

I couldn't find the right fabric for the background, so I dyed my own.  First, I dyed a yard with diluted blue and brown.  Then, I stenciled the leaves with thickened purple and greyish-brown dyes.

I quilted it with stylized leaves.
And because Beth will ask, here is the backside.

I finished the ostrich block for the Civil War Bride quilt.

I used all my own hand-dyes for this except for the centers of the flowers.  The ostrich bodies are from a shibori-dye I did a while ago -- it's been marinating on my shelf -- waiting for just the right project!

The flower centers are made from my friend Chris Daly's wonderful hand-dyed silk/rayon velvet.  You can get your own here at her etsy shop.  I'm using the "flora collection."  I think I need to get some of the "brights" now too.  These were really easy to work with -- I cut a template of no-melt template plastic and did a running stitch around the seam allowance of the circle. Then I pulled it up tight and basted it with sizing.  Hit it with a warm (silk setting) iron and it was ready to go.  Easy-peasy!  I'm trying to decide where to use this stuff next!
And here is a shot of the next block.  I have a way to go...

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ANudge said...

Karen, I love all the projects you posted! That runner came out darling and so original. Love the fabrics you've dyed for both the projects shown. You're making substantial progress on your Civil War Bride quilt. It's going to be awesome.

Kit Lang said...

I love the stencil of those leaves - it makes it look like eco-printed leaves- love the soft look of it and thanks for the great idea! ;)

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Oh my gosh is that runner ever cute!
xx, shell

Beth said...

Thanks for showing the back!!! I especially wanted to see the fabric, since you sized it to fit the fabric!!! Love the turkeys. You have been busy.

Michelle said...

That turkey is so adorable -- and I love your ostriches!

Karen M said...

The turkeys are very cute. I love the background fabric that you dyed for that project. It reminds me of the natural prints that leaves make on the sidewalk at this time of year.

Chris Daly said...

I love that turkey block pattern. Too cute. The ostrich block looks amazing. No one will ever believe you are new to applique.