Sunday, July 8, 2012

Creating my Own Reality

I've been doing my painting on the kitchen table.  This means two things:

1: no eating at the kitchen table  (I don't consider this a problem because it also means: no cooking in the kitchen).

2: The light from the fixture above the table is great for eating and homework, but not so good for painting.

So I rescued my little ott light from the art table corner of the family room and set it up.  Ahhh... much better.

I was having a little trouble getting the color right for the flower.  The photo is more pink and the flower is more orange.  Of course, I don't have to do either color (I could make it purple, if I was so inclined), but I like the color of the flowers.

They are pale peach during the winter when they grow inside; but in the extreme heat we are currently experiencing, they are a lovely shade of dark pinkish orange.  So I brought in a flower and played around with the inks until I had a color I liked -- somewhere in between the photo and reality.  

I think it is ready for the needle -- I have to suppress the urge to keep adding more paint because I can do so much more with thread.  

And Rosie after her walk.  In case if anyone was wondering if it is hot here...


wackywoman said...

You are very talented my friend.

Beth said...

I'm thinking that the June Bug needs to be really sparkly!!! How are you painting with those thin acrylics?

Lynne said...

I am really enjoying "working" through this process with you. Any tips for someone who has never tried it before?