Sunday, July 29, 2012

Playing with Paper and Fabric

 This month over at the "...Fire" blog we are playing with glue and paper and fabric (click here for Rosalita's post).

I really like this technique.  A while ago, my daughter and I had a blast making paper/fabric valentines and Christmas stars (here).

So I took some of my precious Godiva tissue (DS#1 likes to give me truffles for gifts and they always wrap up even a purchase of 4 truffles with the gold bag and this wonderful paper that I've been saving for a special project).

It was kind of boring with just the Godiva tissue, so I added a couple of paper towels that I had used for cleaning up a previous project.  Then it looked a bit like the ground in late fall after a hard rainstorm (except for the color), so I sprinkled over a few maple pods for resist

and sprayed the whole thing with walnut antiquing spray.  Then I let it dry in the sun.

So now I have this canvas for stitching.  I'm thinking of layering it with batting, then adding some paint.  And maybe burning the edges for an unusual finish...

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