Friday, September 28, 2012

Making a Luna Moth

I decided I needed a Luna Moth to dress up something I've been working on.

So I got out my new paints and a drawing I made and painted up some wings.

But I made a mistake.  Instead of four fronts and four backs, I made eight fronts.  And they don't all match up.

I stitched the top wings together -- they were close enough that the matching problem wasn't a big deal after a little more paint. But the bottom ones weren't so close.   So I used the backs inside out.  I figured I could add more paint later.  It was close enough that I didn't bother.

 For the moth body, I had these little tubes from the doggie clean-up bags that I have been saving -- I didn't know what for, but they seemed to be the right size for a beading project or something.

I wanted something soft and fuzzy and discovered this yarn (purchased at a close-out sale!) in my stash.  I ran a bead of glue down each side and wound the yarn around the tube.

Then I thought that the wings looked a little flat, so I stuffed them with a bit of wool batting through the convenient opening I had left in each one.

I machine stitched each wing closed and added a few lines of stitching to mimic veins.  

I haven't quite figured out how to attach the wings to the body, but I will worry about that when I assemble the whole piece.

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Sylvia said...

What a fun tutorial! I have some of that yarn, I never thought of something like this to use it on. Thanks for sharing.

Beth said...


Kit Lang said...

How fun!

Quilter Beth said...

I LOVE the yarn for the body. Your moth turned out really nice.

Anonymous said...

This was fun! I love the yarn wrap for the body. Scrambling to make everything work... so very real!

Marilyn said...

Do check out Annemieke Mein's work. You'll love it. Your moth fits right in. Lovely.

Lynne said...

Wow! Well done you! Your play times are so inspiring!

Sandy said...

The use of the yarn is inspired!
is the glue strong enough that you could stitch the wings to the yarn.

Or...can the fringe on the yarn hide a bit of thin wire? you could sew the wire to the wings - even run some through the wings if need be, and wind it round the tube - hiiden under the fringe.
Sandy in the UK