Friday, December 4, 2009

A Box of Goodies

A couple of days before Thanksgiving, I received a box full of the most wonderful things. And it wasn't even chocolate!
There were exquisitely embroidered handkerchiefs.

Laces of all kinds -- some are poly,but some are cotton and I think that a few of them might be rayon.

I will use some of this in the Winter Crazy Quilt Challenge I have coming up.
Ribbons, some velvet, some grosgrain, some braided. All very interesting.

A pair of beaded peacock feather earrings.

And a number of pieces of silks and satins, including this beautiful embroidered silk picture of a bird with some flowers.
To see the items close up, click on the picture.My jade plant blooms almost every year after I bring it back in the house before it gets cold. This year, it is especially beautiful.
Note the snow outside the window -- we got a couple of inches last night. It has been (my two favorite words) unseasonably warm until this week. We're back to seasonable cold now.
I don't mind snow -- it's the cold I can't stand. If it would be 75 or 80 degrees after a snow, I would be much happier.

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